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How can we find an excellent English to traditional Chinese translation online service provider? Do you want to find an excellent traditional Chinese translator to help you translate your website or documents from English to Traditional Chinese? Do you want to know what methods are available for your reference to find an excellent online traditional Chinese translator? Do you want to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods? Do you want to know how smart and experienced employers choose traditional Chinese translators? If you are interested in these topics or if you want to know the relevant knowledge and skills in these areas, please read the following contents carefully.

English to traditional chinese translation online

First, let’s talk about traditional Chinese

Traditional Chinese has a history of more than 2,000 years. In 1950, the mainland official made a new simplification based on the original traditional Chinese to form a new Chinese writing standard, namely Simplified Chinese. Even in the 20th century, Traditional Chinese was still the universal Chinese writing standard in the world. Currently, Traditional Chinese is mainly used in most overseas Chinese communities such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and North America.

Why should your website, product or service be translated into Traditional Chinese?

According to relevant statistics, there are still more than 30 million people in the world who are using traditional Chinese and regard traditional Chinese as their first language. If your products and services are translated into Traditional Chinese, your potential customers and buyers will increase by another 30 million on the basis of the original number. All Chinese in the world will be your potential buyers and customers. You can work with all the companies and businesses in any overseas Chinese community from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and North America.

Next, let’s discuss which methods can you use to find an excellent English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider?

1. Search through search engines

Tools like Baidu and Google are called search engines. In short, you enter keywords in search engines and then search engines such as Baidu will provide you with relevant materials and pages online. You can even find any information or service you want quickly and accurately on the web through search engines. It’s not very difficult to find an English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider through a search engine, but it’s not so easy to find a service provider that is both excellent and affordable.

The advantages of this approach: With Google or bing, you can easily find many agencies or companies that specialize in traditional Chinese translation services.

Disadvantages of this approach: The traditional Chinese agencies or companies listed at the top of the search engine generally pay an expensive advertising fee to search engine companies every day to ensure their ranking. As far as I know, sometimes if you click on those hyperlinks to visit their website, they will need to pay Google a few dollars or even tens of dollars. They have to spread this expensive advertising fee to employers and customers, generally their fees are relatively expensive, and the second-level translators they employ are not necessarily native Chinese.

2.Looking for some forums related to traditional Chinese translation

Maybe you can easily find a lot of translation-related forums. There are a lot of forums and communities related to the Chinese translation on the Internet. You only need to find those forums and register an account above to publish a post about finding a traditional Chinese translator.

The advantages of this approach: You can easily access a variety of translation companies or translators, and you can interact with many traditional Chinese translators on the forum.

Disadvantages of this approach: You can’t quickly identify who is an excellent traditional Chinese translator, and you are likely to encounter a variety of scams.

3. Find on social media like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn

If you have a social media account, you can try to publish a post on social media. If you claim on your social media that you need a traditional translator to work on your project, you should be able to receive a lot of responses soon.

The advantages of this approach are: You just need to log into your social media account to publish a post about your needs, and I don’t think it will waste too much of your energy and time.

Disadvantages of this approach: There is not necessarily a qualified English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider among the friends you are connected to. The main role of social media should be entertainment rather than the establishment of business relationships.

4. Find on a variety of job sites

The role of the recruitment network is to help millions of job seekers find the ideal job and help thousands of employers find talented people. You can try to find a quality English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider by relying on a recruitment website.

The advantages of this approach: The people who work on these recruitment sites are generally serious job seekers, and here you have a better chance to reach a translator whose native language is Traditional Chinese.

Disadvantages of this approach: You may have to pay a fee to become their member. You may also need to pay a fee for each post you publish. And it may take some more time to find a qualified English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider.

5. Find on a question and answer platform

There are various question and answer platforms on the Internet. You can try to find out if there is a reliable Chinese freelance translator on the Q&A platforms.

The advantages of this approach: You will immediately see that there are many different people posting their opinions or comments below your post.

Disadvantages of this approach: Question and answer platforms are generally used to exchange technology and knowledge, and should not be regarded as the main way to find freelance translators in traditional Chinese. You will see a lot of people replying to your post, but few of them are trustworthy traditional Chinese service providers.

6. Let your friends recommend you a trustworthy English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider

If your friend has worked with a trusted traditional Chinese translator in the past, you can ask them to recommend the trusted Chinese translator to you. You can get their contact information from your friends.

The advantages of this approach: The Chinese character translator your friends recommend to you are generally trustworthy, and you don’t have to worry about being involved in a scam. And since your friend used to work with the translator in the past, he would understand the character and professionalism of that person.

Disadvantages of this approach: All of your friends may not have worked with any qualified Chinese translator in the past.

7. Find on some freelance platforms

Users can freely publish design, promotion, development, decoration, translation, writing and other needs on the freelance platform. Talented individuals and large-scale outsourcing companies can be easily found here, and their management system is perfect. You can try to post your project to these sites.

The advantages of this approach: The probability that you may encounter a scam on these platforms will be greatly reduced. These platforms usually have a comprehensive set of financial protection mechanisms and measures to prevent scams.

Disadvantages of this approach: The fees for these platforms are generally very expensive, and once you release a project they will charge you 10% to 20% commission. Second, these platforms have many strict policies and regulations. They do not allow you to exchange any contact information with your service provider, and your account will be immediately restricted once you violate their policies.

As a responsible English to Traditional Chinese translation online service provider, I am always committed to providing the highest quality translation services to my clients and friends at a very competitive price. As an honest friend, I always want to share the most authentic and valuable experience for my clients and friends to help them find a trustworthy traditional Chinese translator. Whether you will hire me in the end, I will treat you with a sincere and enthusiastic heart.

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