Recently completed projects

Here are some of the projects I did for my clients not long ago:

Translate Recipe Book from Mandarin Chinese( Traditional) to English

Translate Employment Contract from English to Simplified Chinese

Draft Chinese NNN Agreement Document.

Chinese Translators for Translation jobs

Read a English medical article and write in Chinese NOW!

Translation from English to Chinese for the native speaker

Translate the business presentation of 4741 words from English to Simplified Chinese

text transcript and translation for video in chinese

translate English words and phrases to simplified Chinese

Translate NNN agreement (English and Chinese)

Translation – Chinese to English

Translation of technical Tender from Chinese to English

Look for a professional translator help to translate a white-paper about block-chain from Chinese into Russian

Edit text generated from automatic transcription.

English To Chinese Document Translation

Translate Product Brochure to Simplified Chinese

I need a China girl for translate from English to Chinese

Excel (Chinese Translate to English)

English-Chinese translation(Chinese native only)

Travel Magazine Article in Chinese

Translate Medical Web Content from English to Chinese

Translate a three page letter from Mandarin to English

Call 500 companies in China and e-mail them invitation to an event

Translate a doc from english to chinese

Translate English website into simplified chinese

Translate Website from English to Chinese (Simplified)

Translation of 17 984 words from an English subtitle into Chinese. 48 hours

One week of translating from English to Chinese

3034 english to Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Translate file from English to Mandarin

Chinese to English Translation Professional

Translate a 30-second TV commercial VO script into Mandarin

Translate Website Copy from English to Simplified Chinese

Translate a resume to Chinese (simplified)

Looking for a Mandarin Chinese native speaker for an English – Mandarin Chinese translation

Transcript english to simplified chinese 2000 words

Translation (simplified chinese to english) & Editing (traditional chinese to simplified chinese)

700 word Business Presentation – Translation from English to Mandarin Chinese

Translation of a blog article into simplified Chinese

Proof-read website pages and fix translation English to Simplified Chinese

Translation User Interface Treadmill Chinese => English

Windows Software App Translation to Chinese

Translation of website pages and other material from English to Simplified Chinese.

Translate a PowerPoint to Chinese

English to Chinese legal document translation

Translate one page document from English into Traditional Chinese

Translate a Company/Product Overview from English to Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese Translation Of Web Content

English to Chinese Translator For Mobile Application Strings

A single informal letter translated

Translate a 177 words digital advertising text English to Chinese (Mandarin)


Translate mobile game content from English to Chinese

Translate a 500 word website page into Chinese from English (US)

Translate Beauty Stories from English into Chinese

Translate website, ppt and pdf file English to Chinese

Translate 12,500 words English – Mandarin (Medical Cosmedic)

Translate English healthcare product descriptions (3600 words) to Chinese

Excel File Translation (English to Simplified Chinese)