Translate English to Chinese traditional, mandarin and simplified Wisely

How to translate English to Chinese traditional, mandarin and simplified wisely? In fact, it is very difficult to find an excellent Mandarin Chinese translator when you have no relevant experience and have not mastered certain skills! I have been deeply involved in the field of translation for more than ten years, and I dare say that I know this topic more clearly than anyone else. Many of the facts I will tell you here below will be something you have never heard before, and many translators are not willing to discuss these things with you. Just like any other industry, there are many secrets in the translation field that other people outside this industry may never know. There may be no Mandarin Chinese translators other than me who will tell you about the secrets that exist in the translation industry.

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You’d better pick a native translator

Many people try to convince you to believe that he is a very professional Mandarin Chinese translator, but how can you be sure that he is not lying? The person who advertises to you that he is a professional Chinese translator may not know Chinese at all, and he is even a Pakistani. You can’t know if the documents that he ultimately delivered to you are obtained through automated translation software. Please note that I have no intention of calumniating or discriminating against Pakistani people here. I just want to use this example to tell you that choosing a translator whose native language is Mandarin Chinese can greatly reduce your risk and make it easier for you to find a better mandarin Chinese translator. A native Chinese is definitely more familiar with Chinese culture than people from other countries, and he certainly has a better grasp and a deeper understanding of the less common Chinese proverbs.

If possible, please try to avoid the translation agency

In fact, I really don’t want to discuss these details. I know that I may have violated the interests of many people, and this will even turn me into an archery target for many translation agencies. However, as I mentioned before, I am committed to providing real and credible information to my readers and clients. I finally choose to uncover all the insider for you.I have worked with many translation agencies from different parts of the world in the past, and I know very well how they work. For any translation agency, they are more concerned about how much difference they can earn from your project rather than the quality of the translation. Once they have taken over a project from your collection, they will quickly subcontract your project to those individual translators. Most of the time they are only willing to take out a small part from the money you gave them to pay for those individual translators. Since those individual translators only earn a small part of the salary, this will greatly affect their enthusiasm, and they will eventually be unable to provide you with a high-quality translation. Since translation agencies are more concerned about the difference they can earn than translation quality, they often assign your project to many Indians and Pakistanis instead of a Mandarin Chinese translator. According to my past experience, many translation agencies from Pakistan or India are only willing to pay individual translators a price of $0.01 per word. Unless you don’t care about the quality of translation at all, but only pursue the lowest price, I don’t recommend you to cooperate with most translation agencies at all.

Find out if the Mandarin Chinese translator you are about to hire has relevant industry knowledge

How to translate English to Chinese traditional, mandarin and simplified wisely? For example, if you want to hire a Mandarin Chinese translator to help you translate your recipe, you should ask in advance if he has knowledge about the food industry. If you want to hire him to help you translate your stock trading platform, you should know in advance if he has knowledge about the financial industry. If you ask someone who has never touched a stock trade to translate your stock trading platform, it will be very difficult for him. If you don’t have any knowledge of the relevant industry, even if he is a very excellent translator, he may not be able to provide you with a high-quality translation result.

Request a translation sample from the other party

Before outsourcing your project to a translator, you should first ask if they have done similar work or documentation in the past. If he claims that he has completed many similar tasks in the past, then you can ask him for a document he has completed in the past for review. If you want him to help you translate a Bitcoin-related technical document, you can ask in advance if he has translated any Bitcoin-related documents in the past. You can try to have him show the document to you to check if he is telling the truth.

Know the delivery time in advance

Before assigning your project to a Mandarin Chinese translator, you should first figure out how much time it takes him to complete it. If your project is an emergency project, you should inform your translator in advance to ensure that he can deliver a satisfactory result on time and in quality. If you are about to assign a large project or a larger file to the other party, you can ask the other party to provide you with a work report every few days.

Remember to perform a final comparison process after receiving the documents delivered by the other party

I always encourage my clients to do that, which is one of the most effective review methods I have ever seen. Especially if you don’t understand the target language provided by the other party, you should use this mode to check the results he has provided to you. You should drag all the final text that the other party has provided to you into some mainstream automatic translation software for a comparison. The automatic translation software or websites I mentioned refer to google translation, Baidu translation, and Bing translation. If the final text provided to you by the other party looks exactly the same as the result from any automated translation software, we can basically conclude that the other party uses automated translation software and gives you a false result. If you finally confirm that the Mandarin Chinese translator you hired is not a reputable person, and the translations he provides to you are almost entirely from automated translation software, you can ask the other party to give you a refund. I simply don’t recommend that you cooperate with any unreputable mandarin Chinese translator in any form, even if he gives a very competitive price.

Wisely Translate English to Chinese traditional, mandarin and simplified

How to translate English to Chinese traditional, mandarin and simplified wisely? I believe that you have now figured out what to do to find the best Mandarin Chinese translator. I believe that you already have the ability to circumvent most risks. Even if you don’t want to hire me as your Mandarin Chinese translator, I still hope to be your online friend, and I’m always committed to sharing more facts and valuable experiences for you to help you find an awesome Mandarin Chinese translator. It’s not hard to find a cheap translator, but it’s not easy to find a Chinese translator who can offer you competitive prices and high-quality translation results.